Kevin Andrews, RD

 It can be challenging to find a dietitian in San Diego who has the proper experience and credentials.  Kevin Andrews Registered Dietitian (R.D.) and  owner of Dietitian and Fitness Services, is a San Diego registered dietitian and a Muscle and Fitness training guru.  

Kevin is credentialed through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. He is also an amateur bodybuilder, thereby possessing a very unique perspective on nutrition as it relates to muscular development and nutritional fitness.  Fitness counseling ranges from aerobic exercise to serious muscular training while nutritional counseling ranges from diet plans to a total lifestyle modification plan (LMP) which focuses on knowledge acquisition and correction of lifestyle patterns that have facilitated the present state of malnutrition or over nutrition.

Dietitian and Fitness Services (DFS) is dedicated to providing nutritional and fitness counseling to all individuals in good health or in disease states specializing in:

          Weight Loss {with or without obesity}

          Personalized Fitness Training

          Personalized Dietary Counseling

          Skilled Nursing

Fitness counseling, while integral to nutritional counseling may be approached solely or in conjunction with nutritional counseling.

Diet plans for specific conditions including but not limited to diabetes, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, overweight, underweight, gluten sensitive enteropathy, gastric bypass surgery, coronary bypass surgery.

Fitness Plans (individualized)

Nutritional diet analysis with comments on over/under nutrition with recommendations to correct status.

"If you are looking for a San Diego Dietitian, you're in luck! Whatever your dietary or fitness goals, DFS can help you reach them -- Call today for more information!"